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Help Submitting Print Ready File

Can I Avoid Pre-Press Charges?

Yes, if you provide a "print ready file", there is no pre-press charge.

What does Pre-Press Cost?

Our quotes are based on the assumption that files are provided "print ready".

Our rate for pre-press services is $22.50 per quarter hour after 2 complimentary adjustments.These charges may be in addition to the quoted price if not specifically included in the quote.

What is a "Print Ready File?

A "Print Ready" file is a file that can be printed "As-Is" requiring no PRE-PRESS work that we open and send to our digital press with no file manipulation required.

What is Pre-Press?

Pre-press is what we call the work required to get an electronic file to print properly. It will include things like:

  • Allowing for "BLEEDS"
  • Setting proper page size and orientation 
  • Scaling the image to the proper size
  • Compensating for software version differences
  • Providing missing fonts
  • Compensating for poor quality images

NOTE: You do not need to "multi-up" images. Please just submit a single version of the image to be printed. We have software that does that based on paper size and equipment to be used.


  • It is always best to submit your files in PDF format
  • Be sure to save the file as a "Print Quality" PDF
  • Be sure to embed fonts and images in your file
  • Most images from the internet are low resolution and don't print very well
  • For best color reproduction, convert RGB colors to CMYK

Give us a call if you have any questions We are here for you! 717-632-5400